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I’m a 22 year veteran of the US Navy.  I’m now retired and I’ve always loved working on cars and bringing them to a show room perfect shine.  While recuperating from a back injury, I was able to spend more time working on my vehicles and I very much enjoyed the result of all the washing and waxing.

To save money, I purchased 5 cases of a special wax that impressed my sister.  This of course was more than I could realistically use and in an effort to relieve myself of so much wax, I demonstrated the wax at local car washes.  I sold all five cases and realized the experience was actually “fun.”

I then contacted the wax company and set up a reseller’s account.  I started selling their product at car shows.  I wisely listened to my customers and knew what they wanted from a good wax and metal polish.  I saved my money and decided to start my own product line, unlike any other on the market.

I trusted two people to determine the right formula – a very good customer who is an enthusiastic car buff and my sister who is a wax fanatic.  After trying several different formulas, they agreed on one.  From that day on, those have been the 200 MPH products.